The research of our field-resolved infrared spectroscopy and electric-field molecular fingerprinting teams is the focus of the new issue of the TechMax series of the Max Planck Society on lasers. Science journalist Roland Wengenmayr worked together with the attoworld scientists Mihaela Zigman, Alexander Weigel and Frank Fleischmann on the publication.

The MAX booklets explain basic scientific principles – in this case the physics of lasers - and report on current research findings by Max Planck scientists. The four-page booklets are available for download as PDF file.

So if you would like to explain in simple terms what a laser is, and how ultrafast lasers are applied for field-resolved spectroscopy of human blood samples, you will find a successful guide here:

Techmax 06: Wunderlampe aus dem Quantenland |

Illustration: Dennis Luck & Alexander Gelin