Recently, the young spin-off company PULSED, which has been initiated by Ferenc Krausz in summer 2022, has installed their first laser system in a customer’s research lab. The laser will be used for ultrafast scanning tunneling microscopy, which the groups around Prof. Rupert Huber and Prof. Jascha Repp are continuing to develop at the University of Regensburg.
Over the last years, the scientific group at Attoworld has designed an exceptional laser system to be used as next-generation light source for electric field molecular fingerprinting. PULSED was founded to bring this so-called albatross system to the market and make it accessible to our scientific community.
It has been an exciting journey to transform this demonstrator into a CE-certified, robust and customer-friendly product that delivers sub-10fs pulses with ultra-low CEP and intensity noise. After 1.5 years of building up the company from scratch and after many months of intense redesigning and testing of the new albatross system, this delivery marks an important milestone!
Such efforts require a strong team and we are happy that our (former) colleagues around Nils Haag, Nathalie Lenke, Philipp Rosenberger, Sebastian Gröbmeyer, Aleksandar Sebesta, and Hojjat Heydarian contributed to this great success! In the picture, which was taken right after the laser has been installed successfully and producing the first laser pulses in Regensburg, you can see Philipp and Nathalie together with truly happy customers: Prof. Huber, Prof. Repp and Dr. Markus Huber.

Picture: Sebastian Gröbmeyer