On Monday, 18th of March, Prof. Thomas Gasser, medical director of the department for Neurology of the University Tübingen University Hospital, gave us the honor to visit the BIRD team. His research focus is on neurodegenerative diseases, in particular the genetic bases of Parkinson’s Disease. In the frame of the attoworld seminar, Prof. Gasser gave a deep insight into his latest findings on genes increasing the risk for developing the disease already at younger age.

Subsequently Prof. Gasser discussed with the BIRD team, how field resolved spectroscopy might contribute to facilitate detection and diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. A first study was concluded, to fingerprint patients carrying different risk mutations.

The BIRD team is proud to become collaborator of such an outstanding expert in the filed and congratulates Prof. Gasser on receiving the prestigious Breakthough prize 2024 in Life Science, which will be awarded on April 13th in Los Angeles, USA.