Nathalie Nagl just presented in two invited conference contributions at the X International Symposium “Ultrafast Dynamics & Bandgap Materials” in Krete and the “Photonics North conference” in Montreal latest laser research from the field-resolved infrared spectroscopy team. Together with Maciej Kowalczyk and Philipp Steinleitner she was able to generate from a Cr:ZnS laser extremely short pulses around 2.2 µm, lasting only a single cycle of the electric light field. In addition, the team could make the electric field of the laser pulses highly reproducible by stabilizing the emitted pulses to a record-low carrier envelope phase jitter of only 5.9 mrad. The research has just been highlighted on the cover of this mohths´ issue of the Optica journal.

More information in our dedicated news article.

The original publication can be found under:
Ultra-CEP-stable single-cycle pulses at 2.2 µm
M. Kowalczyk, N. Nagl, P. Steinleitner, N. Karpowicz, V. Pervak, A. Gluszek, A. Hudzikowski, F. Krausz, K.F. Mak, A. Weigel
Optica 10, 801 (2023)